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Wednesday, December 09, 2009


dear diary,

I did an interview today, and it's one of those where they want to make it 'controversial' so yeah, i gave them controversial. Blah.

But they did most of the talking which annoys me because they're radio DJs who get to speak on air every freaking day anyway so let me talk for fuck's sake! I mentioned that i wrote I Am Glam which was written about my frustrations toward the local music industry. They reacted before I could finish and i feel that they took my meaning wrongly, like i think that the scene doesn't mean shit to me which isn't the point.

I have spent many years trying to break through in the local scene but never quite cut it. I felt terribly trapped, out of place and I couldn't understand why. I wrote the song at the time, recorded it with Ruben, sung it at my first gigs in europe and noticed that people loved the sound, the image and the attitude that came with it. I learned the long and hard way that it was never the scene that I had to change, but it was me who had to. So, I am no longer frustrated over the local scene because i've moved on and because it is what it is. But, that's what 'I Am Glam' is about and I can never change that because it's now part of my history.

What I don't get is, if you're planning on doing a 'controversial' radio program to sell the show then why do it on indie artists nobody knows about? Do you see tabloids written about nobodies? No, because people don't care about people they don't know about. I think that's common sense. Plus, you're meant to be the chart show the indies are scrambling to get their songs on and then you call us up for an interview only to diss us when we've already got a pretty low self-esteem. Very classy, guys. How bout you find some balls to do the same on the superstars?

And they went on to say this; if you can't make it in Malaysia, you're never ever gonna make it elsewhere.

Oh, really?



  1. As the clishe' saying goes: "Go on brush your shoulders.." I think you shouldn't pay attention to such comments said to you or about you..

    Clearly this RJ is down and flat and wants to get on up in anyway possible.

    I might never understand your music Ze!, but I know that the thousands of fans you have and continue to make are not a gimmick.
    So, go on brush your shoulders and keep doing what you do :)

  2. u already a superstar ze! i had the same problems too during my interview...these peeps really dont know what they are doing...its sick...lets build our own land and invite people to enjoy on it!

  3. People will always talk dirt about things they can't accept or understand. Disco-Glam is a hard pill to swallow in Malaysia when there's virtually no exposure to electro on the airwaves. What is accepted in the UK/US doesn't necessarily mean it'll be automatically accepted in Malaysia. We'll have to first slowly open the doors to electro music in Malaysia, then gradually progress towards more avant garde stuff.

    Hope to be able to work with you one day. :)

  4. hey electro.pup, firstly congrats on also being nominated for best dance act! ;)

    yes, you're right. but it's easier to change myself than it is to change others, plus it makes me happier to do WHATEVER THE FLYING FUCK I WANT WITH MY MUSIC AND MY IMAGE. in other words, if you like it? good. if you don't? screw you.


  5. i like the last paragraph. dont worry, I AM GLAM is gonna rock their fucking nuts off. i am so very sure of that.

  6. fuck this. You're already makin it. Their loss if they cant see it...