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Friday, August 07, 2009

More Sutasi : Southeast Asia EP 2 (part 1 and part 4)

dear diary,

Sutasi has been playing on our national tv which means even my grandmas from up north can catch my recorded performances. And just look at how well-behaved i am on stage. So angelic, i can almost see my halo.

I absolutely hate listening back to my interviews. Anyways, the 'dark' songs I mentioned in here would be my first baby 'My Make-Believe' EP which was out end of 2002 and included 6 songs in there. It was my first ever production, working together with DJ Ken and took me a few months to complete. I remember having my dad print out the cover, everyday, in his office and then me burning the CDs at home and then shoving them into the hands of just about anyone i meet. And, i really mean shoving. Cause some of them refused to take it even though it's free! Sheesh.

I believed so much in what I wanted to do that a dj told me to fuck off, in my face, and i didn't give a shit. Okay, well, i did give a shit (would've loved to stick a bottle through his throat) cause it has made me try harder.

So yeah, the songs I wrote on the EP were pretty dark and emotional, i guess. They were written about suicide (It's OK to Run), me hating the world (Baby G Stah), my ex who cheated on me (Her Thoughts), my grandfather's passing (Soba ni Iru Nara). And then the less emotional ones like Speechlesz and Chumelnya Si Dia. Not sure where all that came from! but i'm very proud of the EP cause it was the beginning of lots to come.

(important to note : i had nothing doing with the dancing in between!)

(Biuret is so freaking awesome!)


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