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Saturday, August 08, 2009

manwhores vs. nice guys

dear diary,

I posted this on my Myspace status earlier today : "Why do i keep meeting manwhores?"

And was surprised to receive a rather long response in my mailbox.

one theory is::
nice guys have been getting abused and disrespected by females for many decades, so they are either in hiding, taken, or avoiding any fems that give the slightest hint of mean-ness/shallowness/fickleness/gold-digging/relational slavery/etc... meanwhile, the manwhores only wanna get off, and have mastered the art of not caring as well as providing bitch proof facades -- so they can withstand the abuse and disrespect/mistrust of modern females... thus manwhores are everywhere beautiful women like yourself are, and they are always ready to service any hotties that may feel the need to buy into the illusions they provide.

other reasons pertaining to why you keep meeting manwhores:
it could be that you have judgements and expectations of men that attract manwhores, and actually repel decent guys? perhaps you socialize within environments where manwhores find their prey? it is good that you recognize them, many do not...

soooo, you are searching for someone decent? hmm, it seems that to find a decent guy in this day and age perhaps a change of scenery is needed, or just a change of mind, as in, maybe just get a very clear picture in your mind of who and what you do want, and do not give in to anyone or anything else till he/it shows up.

those are my two cents on your question of why do you keep meeting manwhores...

take care gorgeous electro-goddess,
you have a really bright inner light and deserve what/who you want....

Agent X"


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