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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Ripple Effect reviews 'I Am Glam'

dear diary,

Todd from The Ripple Effect writes a review on 'I Am Glam';

"Perhaps not something that you'd expect to be reviewed on the Ripple, but then we always told you there were no barriers to our mad search for music, as long as it entertains us. And that's exactly what this one does. This time coming from Kuala Lumpur, Ze (pronounced Zay) teamed up with Belgian producer Ruben Debusschere to create a short-strapped handbag worth of radiant trashy dance music. Or as Ze says herself, she is one loud and bitchy electropop singer. And trust me, what she says is true. "I Am Glam," is her self-penned piece-de-resistance, an absolute gutter-fest of the trashiest electropop drum and bass you'll put your eye shadow on to. Looping Yaz-style synths, programmed beats, and then there's Ze, wailing on in her raving bitchfest that "I am what I am/Glam is what I am." And it's her attitude that makes the song work and the whole thing so endearing. Rather than coo like some puffed up diva, Ze belts the song out with so much passion and conviction, it's almost punk. And that's the way I'll leave it. Absolute trashy punky electropop, guaranteed to get the bodies moving on the dancefloor, the boys bouncing under the strobe lights, and girls fighting over their Gucci bags. Just what the doctor ordered to get the party started."

Spot on! :)


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