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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ze! on weheartmusic.vox.com

dear diary,

A review by We Heart Music today! :)

"When bands submit one or two songs, we generally just ignore them. We seem to get a lot of demos, remixes, or a random b-side from a 6-track EP (talk about odd). And I would've ignored Ze! altogether, if not for her funky MIA-esque look.

You know that saying, "never judge a book by its cover"? It doesn't apply here, she's what you'll expect, and that's not a bad a thing. I mean it would be awful if it turned out she was singing polka or something (which actually now that I think about it, that would sound cool).

Ze! (pronounced "zay"), according to her biography is influenced by (who else?) MIA, Santigold, Yelle and Peaches (whom, for one year I saw saw her and Gonzales play four times at different dates). Her background is from television commercials, before venturing to rapper then to hip hop/drum 'n bass.

It said she's released a full length, Shameless, in 2005 and an EP in 2003, but those releases sounds very different than her current music. And currently, "I am Glam" and "Hello Disco" are both excellent electroclash dance songs. The lyrics are simple and not to mention catchy ("I am glam, glam is what I am" and "take me to the disco/bring me to the disco") which suits this style of music. You're not really concern with what she's singing, only that it sounds good (however "Disco" sounds deep in some parts).

I think Ze! has a lot of potential, but people might be turned off by the MIA-crazy-outfits-look. You can pick up her latest songs from popcuts.com. She's doing some live dates through the UK."


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