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Thursday, April 23, 2009

bug a boo

dear diary,

I think Beyonce is one of the most painfully perfect women on earth only after, of course, Angelina Jolie. She is H-O-T but I also think she's very boring (for the same reason, that is, she's too perfect) which is why she is at 2nd place in my point of view. She's done everything right and doesn't rebel and yes, sorry, but her songs are getting very boring and mostly annoying to my ears of late. Even so, no way in hell would I think that she cannot sing. They're 'educating' everybody with the so-called wonders of the Auto-Tune - which truth be told people, is not able to turn a William Hung into a Brian McKnight. I would know this, because I use it too and am well aware that I'm no Aguilera. Because if that were true, we'd all be sounding like her by now at all our Karaoke parties. The Howard Stern tape was obviously altered and I just will not be able to sleep without pointing this out. Afterall, I still think Beyonce is a rock-solid performer even if it means she has to lip-synch her way through her energetic concerts. Have you ever tried running and singing at the same time? That's how it feels to perform like she does for 2 hours straight. It's almost inhuman to be able to do both at the same time - but if she has been doing it live for shizzle, then we've found ourselves a true Wonderwoman!

p/s : Christina Aguilera still tops my list of one to have THE best female vocals ever. Period.


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