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Friday, February 27, 2009

yes, i'm a ripoff

dear diary,

This is interesting. No matter what you do, there will always be a small bunch of people who decides to not like you just because it's easier not to. Because, i'm sorry i was born looking somewhat similar to M.I.A., like, if i were born white or yellow and dressed exactly the way she did i'm pretty sure we wont be having this conversation. However, I'm glad you've noticed she's been one of my biggest influences. But, why not a Madonna ripoff? I know i've been wanting to be her since i was 5. In fact, I would prolly wanna be her more than I wanna be MIA. But then i aint blonde nor am i the fairest of them all. So why not Peaches, who sings a lot more about sex/attitude than politics. Or New Young Pony Club or CSS? I write about the lighter things in life - like boys and partying. I'm so not into politics, to begin with, and 'Boys I Like' was recorded in 2006. And, MIA's 'BOYZ' was released in August 2007 so unless i'm her / diplo's BFF i doubt i wouldve been able to steal that track. Not to mention there are a gazillion songs out there about boys - in fact, i got the idea to write Boys I Like after listening to a song on the radio about girls. I dont even know the band. And, um, this neon/trash/electro look isn't just worn by MIA alone, people. The same way if i decide to put on an S&M outfit doesnt necessarily mean i wanna be Rihanna.

Every band has their influences. And i have mine.

p/s: The comments on my story is more than that on Rihanna. Funny that, I must've done something right :)



  1. i JUST read this. WHATTHEFUCK. seriously? macam bodo, im so pissed. eeeeeee.

  2. well done . even celebs influnnce other celebs like well all know cassie wasn't the first witht he shaved heaad 3 other celebs haave done it aswell!