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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

revolutionary road

dear diary,

it's 5.19 am and i am an insomniac. it's nothing new really, sneaking on the laptop in the dark in the wee hours has been my thing since i was, like, 14? Wow, talk about kicking off an old habit - which should also explain why i'm never awake in class. Yet another night where i find it hard to switch my thoughts off so i decided to watch Revolutionary Road. Yup, i was one of those 16-year old girls then who cried when Jack died 10 years ago. I've always loved Kate Winslet's acting and althought i'm not such a huge fan (not anymore at least) of Dicaprio's baby face, he is quite an actor. He cries a lot too, doesnt he? So, yeah, the movie wasnt too bad. Not one I would remember in the next 2 months but i like melancholic dramas once in awhile. Kate said something like "I've always envisioned us to be special and to mean something in this world - and i can't stop seeing it." Such a simple story, really, and well directed but Kate's husband, Sam Mendes. Been keen on the much talked about love scenes but they weren't all that raunchy - nice publicity stunt you guys, worked on me. If you're gonna watch this, be aware that this is no feel-good movie.


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