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Monday, September 08, 2008

still shameless

dear diary,

as of today, it's been exactly 3 years since i released my baby debut album Shameless. wow. cant believe it has been 3 years, but then again so much has changed. SO much. in such a short time. i've def outgrown the pink afro, and stripey socks to begin with. and the whole look that looks like a rainbow puked on me. or have i? haha. which means its only been that long that i've decided to do electropop - couldnt have made a better decision! electro music is zo awezome... i heart my electro yumness. i blame it on ruben. and in 3 years i've gone from being so-in-love-i'm-getting-married in love to im-so-single-i-need-a-vacation-from-being-single single woman. DAMN STRAIGHT, I SAID WOMAN. hah. which should explain the change of lyrics. lol. but i love it and enjoying it all cause i wouldnt have come up w such favulous lyrics without them favulous experiences of being a hopeful/obsessed/dumped/flinged/bitchslapped/heartbroken/stalked/stalking biatch. i admire myself for still believing in this crappy L word at all. my mind tells me its complete BS and i hear it say 'I TOLD YOU SO' every fucking time. i guess every girl has a 'charlotte' in them, as much as we all want to be 'carrie'. so come on boys, bring on the heartbreaks. cant get enough of it.


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