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Monday, August 11, 2008

my interview with Steve Nestar


Dancer Steve Nelstar Talks New Documentary "Deeper"
By Ze!

What could possibly be better than working with an icon? After the Confessions Tour with Madonna, Steve Nestar finds that life must go on.

Many of the greatest performances have included dancers. We see them in mute; no words, no melody. Just gripping movements of body work that follow the music with expressions that go beyond mere words can ever say. It’s easy to forget that they also have a voice and wish to be heard. You might have seen him on Hung Up, where he holds an intense moment with the madgesty herself in the middle of the music video, and on many of her other live shows; including the Grammys. But we want to know more about him, as a person and as a dancer – whose first big break was at the FIFA World Cup in 1998. Writer Saer Ze catches up with Steve Nestar to discover the deeper, extraordinary behind-the-scenes life the rest of us have no clue about.

Art Nouveau Magazine: In your opinion, are dancers born or trained?

Steve Nestar: Well… there are people, in my own opinion, who do have a gift for dance but they have to find it out for themselves too. And you have others who need to be trained as well.

ANM: What moves or inspires you?

SN: What inspires me in dance can be anything that I know I can build up even more with my own way of dancing. It can be anything that I see outside or on TV that’s not even related to dance sometimes.

ANM: Who has been a major influence in your successes thus far?

SN: The major influence in my success? Well I would say first of all my eagerness at work, practicing everyday in studios or mostly in clubs back in the days. Getting information about my style of dance to the pioneers of hip hop dance too. But mostly because I worked very hard for that success.

ANM: Whose dancing style would you say yours is similar to?

SN: I don’t think that I am similar to anyone really, but the same foundations about dance or same inspirations ,yes some people of my generation of dancer, which is mostly people from the 90’s ,for most of us we evolved in dance together and with the same spirit also...from France and USA…

ANM: How many hours do you spend dancing on an average day?

SN: Well depending on what my schedule and the job I’m into at the moment.. Let’s say that it can go from a minimum of 3 hours to 8 or 9 hours dancing.

ANM: What is your typical day like?

SN: I don’t have a typical day type. My days are always different because I’m working for so many different things at once… I’ve so many different projects that I currently am working on right now.

ANM: What do you enjoy doing when you are not dancing?

SN: I read books because I’m a graphic designer. I work a lot on video projects, I realize and a documentary right now, helped by my partner in crime who is in NYC - Mr. Hardy Muanza aka “h.money” (www.cdmparis.blogspot.com)

ANM: How do you keep healthy and fit?

SN: Without sounding big headed, even if I don’t eat that healthy at all I’ve always been in shape. I’m really lucky for that I think…but I still do some exercises and once or twice a week eat some healthy food.

ANM: How and when did you discover dancing as something more serious than just a hobby?

SN: That was in 1997 if I remember,…when I became better at it and people started to be more interested in me and how I was dancing.

ANM: What sort of emotions do you strive to portray when you dance?

SN: Well I believe dance is an art form to express how you feel at the time you are inspired or the mood of the day of the week or the month...so it depends also on what you are looking for at the time, you have to choreograph or freestyle, and for what or whose purpose too.

ANM: There are countless dancers out there looking to score their big break. What made you stand out?

SN: I guess originality and a lot of training everyday can make the difference. Plus experiencing anything related to dance from being on stage for a theater (musical), battles or dance competitions, or being a back up dancer for a celebrity can forge your experience and make you grow up even more in dance…but a lot of training and originality is the main key to success.

ANM: What would you consider to have been your biggest milestone in your career?

SN: I think, of course, because I’m a dancer/choreographer for Madonna also made my name bigger than before, but I’m also waiting for my new big break with that documentary too.

ANM: Congratulations on being honored the Choreography Media Honors in 2007 for the ‘Confessions Tour’. What have you learned from working with Madonna?

SN: Oh well thank you, I see you did your research too (laughs). Well my experience as a dancer and also as a choreographer has really improved a lot…and I learned a few other things too that could be good for me and my next step or maybe reconversion in life too.

ANM: Is there a possibility that we will see you on her next world tour?

SN: I’m not really sure yet, but maybe it depends because I’m also directing my own company in New York with Hardy Muanza called “Club des Millionaires’…so you never know, its a fifty/fifty I guess.

ANM: Besides Madonna, if you were given the opportunity to work with anyone in the industry, who would it be?

SN: I have no idea really…maybe at least one time for Michael Jackson or Missy Elliot?

ANM: You have performed in various venues across the globe to many different kinds of audience, which has undoubtedly given you the most unforgettable vibe?

SN: Yes of course, it is always amazing to see 80 to 95 000 people came to watch their idol live in concert and the dancers who participate to make the show a successful one.

ANM: Do you feel you have achieved most of your goals as a dancer?

SN: Not yet. I did achieve, in my eyes, a lot of things but I am not finished yet. I still have some to show and mostly stuff that will carry my own signature as a dancer…wait and see!

ANM: If dancing is your first love, what is your close second?

SN: Well I love dance but as we speak right now it is my second love…the first one actually, her name is Jennifer ;-)…to whom I dedicate my life to.

ANM: Tell us about your project, ‘Deeper’.

SN: Okay. ‘Deeper’ is a documentary to show the evolution of dance in every sense of the word, which means that its about the relationship between the dance community and the music industry and all that is happening in those days in the lives of a dancer/choreographer because, obviously, there are so many different opinions about it and something here is definitely wrong or at some point did turn wrong. And this documentary shows people what they don’t know, that choosing to have a career as a dancer is not what they think it is. Anyway, this documentary is dedicated to a lot of people that keep the art alive too, and keep on making the history of hip-hop dance growing up more…I hope by watching it, the next generation will understand and know what to change and will do it.

ANM: What’s next for Steve Nestar?

SN: I don’t really know. I believe in destiny and everything but I cannot really predict the future…but hopefully something good for me… maybe get married one day? I don’t know. I’m in love with someone… so why not? But professionally, I would like to own a company, which I have started to build already. That would be great, yes!

(originally published on Art Nouveau Magazine)



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