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Friday, August 08, 2008

thank god its fuckday

dear diary,

i love mornings :) being up early in the morning is completely different from my usual being up so late it's early. people close to me would know that it is a rare thing for me. i'm nocturnal, naturally. my sister understands that best. we have our spontaneous meetings at 3am in the morning, because that's when we're most awake for business brainstorming sessions. i love it. and i miss that right now. so here i am , w toasts on one side and hot chocolate on the other, staring out into the garden in my lazy clothes, listening to jack johnson n typing this out... feels so carrie bradshaw. i cant help but wonder. haha. i slept at 8 last night and up before 6. my mom wouldve been proud. first thing i did as always, pick my laptop up , check my myspace n emails n fbook. then watch a couple of lost episodes. talk to ben. organize my week. plan for londonedge. feels like it's gonna b a good weekend. hopefully i get to explore a bit of london nightlife since we're off fr the festivals. n perhaps write a new song.

im happy n at ease xx

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