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Monday, August 18, 2008

breathe baby

dear diary,

im single and im fuckin lovin it!! haha. dont know wht the fuck i was on last week, i shld b celebrating my freedom while i can. perhaps im also panicking today, as it leaves 2 months to my 26th. TWO MONTHS left to be 25. I sure as hell do not want to spend it, yet again, wondering what the hell ive done w my life... and instead embrace the things i actually HAVE managed to get done. i bet even madonna, at 50 just 2 days ago, wouldve stopped to think what she wished she couldve achieved... while the rest of us wonders why she hasnt retired and enjoy the fortune she's earned half her life. cant get enough of what you have, it's human nature, is it not? im just back from v fest and it was wi-cked! had good night sleep-s the entire wkend so im not off my face tired as i usually wouldve been. im back w a freaking grin on my face... saw robyn, alanis, kaiser chiefs, prodigy(fuck yeah!), bits of estelle n sugababes n amy mcd... super. OH. and amy winehouse. who was indescribably disappointing. i was in utter shock. boo you, woman.

breathe baby! xx

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