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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

why i am too sexy


my too sexy video is about to reach 15,000 views, god knows how much more on hitz.tv - which just about makes my first video achieve more than i ever expected it to. i've not ignored the comments, good and bad, but it's funny how ppl dont get the sarcasm.

who in their right mind would think a huge pink afro, heart-shaped earrings, a wand, hot pants combined with striped socks above the knee and freakish sneaker heels - would amount to being SEXY? hell, even beyonce or angelina (both of whom i deem to be THE sexiest women on earth) wont be able to bring sexy back in those! .... oh and not to forget my hot co-stars all obviously dressed to look anything BUT sexy, did anybody get the joke at all?

yes, i am aware most of whom have found the video by chance, were horny and really looking for videos tagged 'sex'. and found me, hideously claiming to be too sexy. imagine the horror!

perhaps it was a tragic mistake on my part... to think i could make a comic off my music. but then again, it turned out to be a pretty good recipe. One that has generated the strange exposure i've been craving for. So thanks folks, for the 15,000 views (and counting) :)

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